Saved Roland

This story began in the summer of 2017 in Odessa, in the midst of the holiday season. In the very period when the peak of the tourist flow reaches its apogee. In summer, tourists are offered a wide choice in the field of entertainment, among which you are offered to ride a horse or take a ride through the central city streets on a walking coach with horses. But, this type of service often has a very negative impact on the health of animals. We remember the case when on August 5, 2017, in Odessa, the horse lost consciousness from the incredible heat, which was harnessed to a walking coach for tourists. This case caused a great resonance among Odessa and zoodefenders. Fortunately, the story ended well with the horse! And in the same year, there was a glaring case, with a young foal, who was rescued, from cruel and inhuman exploitation.

At that time, Roland was a seven-month-old foal, which was used as a live attraction. He, quite small, was forced to ride tourists. It was exploited in the heat, without water and food. He was extremely exhausted. He had rickets and was not formed for this kind of use. He practically had no pectoral or spinal muscles, which resulted in the formation of a purulent and large wound on his back, which he hid under the saddle, continuing to exploit the foal.

They kept him in extremely terrible conditions: in a room with holes in the ceiling, among mountains of garbage; food and water do not reach. Fortunately, he was noticed by the zoodefenders, who saved the foal from torment, hard labor and inevitable death.
When the volunteers took him, Roland was very hungry, scared and exhausted. He could not eat a few days. According to the volunteer, due to overload and malnutrition, the foal actually became disabled.
After long trials with the transportation of people, the stallion was sheltered in the equestrian club and tried to find a new owner for it. But as it turned out, it is not so simple, because no one really needs an emaciated outbred stallion.
In the period when it seemed that the mount would not save anything, good people took it. This was the first precedent in Ukraine, when, by a court decision, it was possible to obtain custody of the animals and take a horse in order to build his own house for him. Roland got into the “Live animals” Animal Retention Center, which is chaired by Ludmila Melnikova.

Now Roland has his own stone, warm and cozy home, and there is always a delicious bale of fragrant herbs in his trough. Looking today at the stallion, you know, he fell into good and kind hands, where he is treated with love and care, and he will never be offended. Here Roland has found his second birth. He is happy, and happy are those who saved him and gave him a second chance for the right to live!
A year later, Roland would never know – this is a healthy, mature, beautiful and noble stallion. But unfortunately, he still has health problems: tendons are stretched, and there are back problems.

It should not be allowed into free grazing, because the horse may stumble, fall and be injured. For this, it was decided to build a levada for him – a fenced area where the horse can be released from the leash for his free and free walks. This is vital for Roland, for his full and healthy life.

But, at the moment, first of all, the horse is needed:
1)purchase of fortified feeds: Mono Calcium, Standard with Rice, Antistress
2) purchase of oats
3) purchase of alfalfa
4) purchase of barley straw
5) sawdust for the winter

Since many rescued animals are kept in the Retention Center, and a lot of money and energy is spent on the improvement of the center, we want to turn to all caring and kind people for financial and material help. Any financial support, with any denomination, represents a great help on your part!

Express financial assistance, you can on the Privat Bank Card UAН  4149 6293 1864 7641 in the name of Melnikova Lyudmila Nikolaevna, with the note: “for Roland”, and you can find out how things are in the revived gelding on his Facebook page Spasionyshish Roland

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, call: 0671606323 and 0932350462 Lyudmila

We really hope for your help!