Our volunteers

Welcome to The Animal Rescue Federation “Berserk”, The Federation Shelter “My Living Dogs” and Children’s Charitable Foundation “Road to Home” – our like-minded and partner in various projects.

The organization has 32 worthy volunteers with feeding locations in Odessa and the region.

Creation idea: “People help animals, and animals help people to remain people.”

All volunteers of the organization before the war had a job and a stable income. Now it has become more difficult, but we are trying to save animals despite the difficult times.

Children and cynologists participate in the socialization of our pets. The ideas for joint projects with children belong to the chairman of the board and owner of the shelter, Lyudmila Nikolaevna Melnikova, and the director of the “Road to Home” Foundation, Svetlana Vannik.

Alisa Azimova, deputy chairman of the board and director of the shelter, made and continues to make a huge contribution to the organization of all distribution of feed, economic distributions, settlements for receiving and issuing in Odessa and in the, the implementation of household needs, trips to the shelling zones, rescuing dogs and cats from the combat zone.

Dear volunteers, the worthiest people! Hold on, together we are POWER!

Lyudmila Nikolaevna Melnikova

Svetlana Vannik
Alisa Azimova

Our Rules

There are rules for our team members:

  1. You need to make a call that you are afraid to make.
  2. You have to get up earlier than you want.
  3. You need to give more than you receive in return.
  4. You need to care about others more than they care about you.
  5. You have to fight, even when you are bleeding and strewn with wounds.
  6. You need to take risks when it seems better to beware.
  7. You need to lead when no one else is following you.
  8. You need to invest in yourself, even if no one else is.
  9. You have to look like a fool when looking for answers to your questions.
  10. You need to sharpen details when it’s easier to brush them off.
  11. You need to achieve results when there is an opportunity to find excuses.
  12. You need to find your own explanations, even when you agree with the arguments of others.
  13. You need to make mistakes and look like an idiot.
  14. You have to try, fail and try again.
  15. You need to run faster, even if breathing is already difficult.
  16. You have to be kind even to someone who has been cruel to you.
  17. You have to meet deadlines that seem reckless and achieve results that no one has ever achieved before.
  18. You need to be responsible for your actions, even when things go wrong.
  19. You need to keep moving in the chosen direction, ignoring the obstacles ahead.

You have to deal with difficult things. These are things that others avoid. Things that scare you. Cases from which you involuntarily think about how long you have enough strength to continue them.

This is what defines who you are. What separates the life of mediocrity from the life of a highly successful person.

Tough things are the easiest to avoid. The excuses why this is not suitable for you are self-explanatory.

How do ordinary people achieve amazing success? The simple explanation is that they take on difficult tasks that smarter, richer, and more skilled people lack the courage or recklessness to do.

Grab hard things. You will be surprised how amazing you are, our friend!