For your kids

Your child wants a little friend, but you do not want to have an animal? There is an exit! The animal living center “My Living Dogs” holds open doors.

Children will be told about animals, taught to communicate with them, and even will be given joint photos to commemorate four-footed dogs.

Every child will be able to take custody of a dog, a cat or even the only stallion of the Center, Roland – to come to him, feed him, give his affection and love.

Also, there will be recruits in groups of volunteers and small dog trainers. Invited experts will tell you how to teach a dog such commands as “Sit!”, “Lie down!”, “Voice!” And others.

The guys will be able to share their achievements with their classmates, come to the Center together, communicate with the four-legged ones and make new loyal friends. Both groups of children at the end of the year will be rewarded.

The invited zoopsychologist will explain to the children who the animals are and why they are not afraid of them, but on the contrary – to love and protect.

The main goal of the event is to draw attention to the problem of animal protection and to strengthen friendly relations between people and four-footed.

All animals of the Center “My living dogs” are well-groomed, healthy and sterilized. About each individual, and this is about 28 dogs, 10 cats and horses, the owner of the Center, Lyudmila, can tell.

Believe us, every Fluffy has an incredible story that fully reveals the character and habits of the hand-beast.

Open days for the youngest are constantly on weekends. The center will be able to visit kids older.

Do not miss the opportunity to give your care a little fluffy and in return receive new knowledge, good mood and, perhaps, a new friend.