Friends Point

Want to feel the summer all year round? Then to you to us! Friends Point is a meeting place for friends, where everyone will find entertainment to their liking. You are definitely not bored on the territory, as the Center for Dog Cure is located here with the further arrangement of “My Lively Dogs” – here you can not only enjoy the pleasure of interacting with animals, but also find new faithful shaggy friends. On weekends, there are lectures, master classes and various events that teach you to love these little creatures, develop positive qualities in a person and just give a good mood.
Our main goals are:

  • ensuring the protection of animals from cruel treatment and their dignified existence;
  • conducting outreach activities aimed at informing the public about animal welfare issues;
  • comprehensive support for educational and social activities in the field of animal protection and humane treatment of them;
  • participation and organization of charity events and projects;
  • lectures, public hearings, round tables, seminars, conferences;
  • cooperation with government research and non-government institutions

We do not forget about the younger generation, because when, as in childhood, a person discovers new emotions for himself, learning to love and empathize. During the summer holidays for children, there are master classes by:

  • soap making;
  • making candles;
  • making name bracelets;
  • pet care;
  • rescue animals in trouble

Also, kids are waiting for active games in the fresh air, family contests “Mom, Dad, I”, songs with a guitar and much more. Animals from the Center will help develop in children such qualities as compassion, responsibility, accuracy, they will help the child become more independent. Join us and get closer to nature, we will help you to know yourself better and learn how to truly love this world.