How and in what way
You can help a shelter?

To render a financial support, by sending an appropriate sum once or on regular basis on a card of a shelter.

Card of Privat Bank

UAН  4149 6293 1864 7641 authorised to Melnikova Lyudmila Nikolaevna

To bring always necessary things, as well as food stuffs:

  • toilet soap;
  • shampoo;
  • soap for purposes other than toilet;
  • means for washing utensils Gala;
  • toilet paper;
  • towels, napkins – dry and damp;
  • sponges for washing;
  • means for washing floors;
  • bed linen, pillows, blankets;
  • gloves for house holding;
  • brooms, scoops;
  • metal sinks;
  • coal, fire wood, newspapers;
  • plaids, plank beds for animals;
  • hay, straw, sawdust for a laying;
  • building materials for open-air cages (grid, pipes);
  • groats (rice, buckwheat groats, semolina, etc.), macaroni, canned food, sugar, a flour, tea, cookies — any products of long storage (for workers of a shelter);
  • forages for animals (dogs, cats, horses).

Become the volunteer!

We shall be grateful, should you fill the Questionnaire of the Volunteer. Thus, we can always be with you on communication and understand, what help we can count on

— to visit our shelter and to render the physical assistance in care of animals and upbringing the territory

— to join us on Facebook

— to join us in Instagram