About us

Who are we?

We are a public organization Federation for Animal Rescue “Berserk” (ID code – 41916673), which educates a new generation of environmentally responsible citizens.

We are changing the consumer attitude towards the biological diversity of our planet and will be able to minimize the facts of animal exploitation and violence.We rehabilitate animals affected by ruthlessness.

But we are still very few to stop the massive exploitation and violence of animals in the country. Therefore, now we are focused on popularizing our movement so that people who are not indifferent to such ideas become much more.

In this regard, we decided to unite people from nursing homes, children from orphanages, schools and preschool institutions on the basis of our “Friends Point” training and development center, where there is a temporary overexposure center for homeless animals, followed by the device “My Living Dogs “.

Our community organization includes: veterinarians, psychologists, zoopsychologists, dog trainers and volunteers.

When we unite to take care of abandoned animals then everyody will win

It will be warm, cozy, delicious tea on the fire, and the main reward is love! You will love those who love you.

Our goals and objectives

In Odessa there is a place where all this is clearly shown, animals are loved here and others are taught this.

Friends Point” is a meeting place for animals and people, a meeting place for friends. The main task is to make the world a bit kinder: to teach children sympathy, empathy, kindness.

The Center raises important questions about animal welfare, organizes charity events here and organizes exhibitions, fairs and festivals as support. Here they raise an important question about abusive behavior with four-paws and teach them humane treatment.

For the children, various master classes are held at the Center aimed at personal development and the development of bright human qualities.

You may be 5, 20, 30 years old, 50 or over 80, but you should never stop loving. And I’m not only about love for myself, but also for my younger brother, sister, mother, animal…

“We are responsible for those who have been tamed” – it’s not for nothing that the words of the classic bring their true meaning from year to year – we must love those nearby. When a person feels this warm feeling, he blossoms from the inside, he seems to grow wings, there is a reason to live – the author of the quote was definitely not mistaken. Nevertheless, we are accustomed to love a person for something, but it is much harder to love him simply because he is.

The same barrier also arises when you show love for animals, because neither the cat nor the dog can tell you about their feelings. And such sincere love, real, it is the most expensive.

In Odessa there is a place where every animal is treated every day with affection, warmth and care. The local “noblemen” – the owner of the Center calls animals — these are about 30 dogs and cats. Every inhabitant of the animal world called “My living dogs” has its own document, its own bed and personal bowl. The veterinarian is monitored by the veterinarian for the health of the animals – everyone is sterilized and healthy, and the staff of the shelter traces the presence of appetite for everyone – nobody will be left hungry for sure.

In this Center, an animal is given a second life and a loving family is found, in this Center love for one’s neighbor reigns and it is in the first place here.

Do not forget that love returns and the warmth given to the dog can turn into a great happiness.

What are we?

PO “Federation for Animal Rescue “Berserk” is strong and courageous people.

Do you know that strong people are much more defenseless than weak ones? During a hurricane, the flexible reed bends and rustles, and the pine tree simply breaks and dies forever – the Chinese say, and the Chinese know what they are talking about.

Strong people are not responsible for themselves at all. And not even for their loved ones. They are responsible for the whole world that has fallen into their orbit. Because force attracts – that’s what physicists say, and they also know what they’re talking about.

Strong people are not healthier or stronger than everyone else. They just know for sure that they have no right to faint and die while someone still depends on them. They are able to jump into the water during a massive heart attack, swim to a drowning child, pull him ashore, make sure that nothing else threatens him, and only then turn off. That’s what doctors say – and doctors have seen much more miracles in their lifetime than physicists and the Chinese combined.

And strong people are very lonely… And not at all because they don’t tolerate anyone next to them. It’s just… they’re strong, aren’t they? It never occurs to anyone that it hurts, scary, lonely, just sad.

Strong, silent people walk the earth. It is not always easy with them, not always pleasant, not always comfortable – but reliable! This is the same cavalry that always comes to the rescue at the last moment.

We are waiting for you, strong people.

Join us now!


Contact us – +38 (067) 160-63-23, +38 (093) 235-04-62 (viber), Lyudmila Nikolaevna Melnikova